Hibachi Grill and Buffet - Sushi Bars restaurant in Baltimore

      I had a taste for Hibachi grill. I don't know why because I really don't like this place. I got something off of the grill and a little from the buffet. As usual the food is not all that great. So that's that. Just your typical Hibachi grill. They are all the same to me.

    thumb Latice W.

      I don't mind this place. I love their lemon pepper fish, coconut glazed shrimp, among a few other things. Although, lately I've noticed quite a few photos of roaches inside their restaurant going around on Facebook. I have not personally noticed any, but my husband is an exterminator and seeing the photos is enough for us to stop going for now. My biggest gripe is with their waitresses. Multiple times I've had a waitress pick my son up out of his high chair and start walking around with him. Didn't ask. Just picked him right up! Once before a waitress took a spoon out of my hand and started feeding my son mashed potatoes. I sat there with my jaw dropped. The worst time was when our waitress sat at our table and was trying to feed my son, was touching all over his bottle and ninny. We were trying to express to her we were uncomfortable but she insisted on sitting and playing with him. She sat at our table the entire time we were there except when she refilled drinks and dropped off checks to her other tables. Maybe it is their culture or they are just overly friendly. I don't know, but I don't take kindly to having someone pick up my child and walk off or taking a spoon from my hand and feeding him, and especially not to someone sitting at my table during my entire dinner.

    thumb Ashley W.

      The value that u get here for a lunch or dinner special is unbeatable . You get to eat as much as u possibly want for a very low reasonable price. That's my kind of lunch . Now on the other hand the waitresses are very low quality employees who seem to not care about their job . The cleanliness of the restaurant could be alot better but for the area and price you can't expect much more . Overall a great value when your in the mood to not be fancy and be around some trashy people .

    thumb Kirts G.

      There is a big selection of food, but that's expected for an all-you-can-eat buffet. The waiting area is beautiful- there was a nice fountain there. The wait isn't long either, which is nice. I'd give this place at least anther star, but I can't due to the fact that my brother has gotten sick here before because of the octopus. Also, they should have Old Bay at least on the tables- the shrimp desperately needs it (the shrimp has no seasoning whatsoever).

    thumb Wil W.

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