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Lunch 7.99 , dinner 10.99

Drinks are not included! You have to pay extra for them.

how much is it for one adult and one child at dinner?

It will cost you about $25 plus whatever tip you want to leave

How much is it 4 an adult

$12.99 for dinner, $7.99 for lunch

What time is lunch time over


How much for 2 adults

27 dollars and some change

How much is it per person?

Depends it like 10 per adult

I now live in South Carolina but I'm trying to remember what was the name of the buffet that was in that building forever? It is giving me a brain itch, I moved to SC in 2014 and the place closed in like 2010 but it was a buffet PLZ HELP ME

Use to be horn n horn

How much it is for four people?

It all depends on when you go. It's 7.99 for lunch and 10.99 for dinner. Plus the drinks are separate. It's 10.99 all day on Sundays.

How much does it cost for one lunch or dinner? Per person I mean

It's like $8 for lunch and dinner is like $14 with drink

How much is dinner?

Around $12 per person

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